In the Netherlands, the intelligent lockdown has started a while ago and will probably continue for a while. We have asked you (the residents) to send innovative and useful tips for surviving the quarantine. The following tips are the most interesting!

Tips for in the common rooms:

  • Exchange reading material in common rooms. It will make these times more bearable and fun.
  • Play Just Dance on the Wii.
  • Organize a Silent Disco. Several apps make it possible to synchronize music via WiFi or Bluetooth (AmpMe for example). This way you can still have a party, without causing too much noise!
  • Organize a Coronolympics with your housemates: Organize one activity a day for a week, each in a different room of your house, with which you can score points. At the end of the week, the housemate
    with the most points is the winner.
  • Organize a photo competition within a building with the residents. One resident should take a photo of a detail of choice near the building or even inside the building. Another resident then has to find the location where this photo was taken. Whoever finds the location first may take the next picture. This allows people to get in touch safely and get a breath of fresh air.

Tips for yourself:

  • Buy a recipe book and make each recipe one by one (not only fun but also educational)!
  • Plant the seeds of a mint plant and care for them, so that you can make your own mint tea.
  • Find and maintain a regular daily routine.
  • Only get groceries once a week. This avoids unnecessary contacts.

In addition to these great tips, don’t forget to follow the guidelines of the RIVM at all times. Good luck during this corona crisis and stay healthy!

The Board of WijWonen