If you like doing odd-jobs, know the difference between a screw driver and a socket wrench and have a great idea on how to improve your house or complex, then this contest is something for you! WijWonen wants to encourage its members once again to come up with ideas on how to improve your house or complex on the subject of quality of living. Please read the rules below and submit your idea to before May 19. And who  knows, you might receive between € 50 and € 200 to fund your idea.


  1. Only members can participate.
  2. Every member can submit one single idea.
  3. Your idea has to meet one of the following conditions:
    1. The idea improves the living quality of your house/complex
    2. The idea improves the social interaction in your house/complex
  4. Describe the idea in a maximum of 700 words. The text should include:
    1. Personal data (name, address, email address, number of roommates if applicable);
    2. A title;
    3. The concept of the idea;
    4. The reason why your idea should be realised;
    5. Explain how your idea complies to one of the mentioned conditions;
    6. The expected costs;
    7. Optional: To improve the presentation of your idea, you can add an image/picture/drawing.
  5. The maximum amount of money available for the best idea is between the € 50 and € 200, dependent on the amount of people who will benefit and the quality/creativity of the idea.
  • 1 x € 50 for 2-5 persons
  • 1 x € 100 for 5-10 persons
  • 1 X € 150 for >10 persons
  • 1 x € 200 for a whole complex
  1. Save your file as:  idea_address_date.pdf
  2. Send this document before May 19 as an attachment to with as topic: Submission idea Contest.
  3. The board of WijWonen selects the winners of this contest.
  4. On May 22 the winners will be announced by mail.
  5. The declaration should be sent to by June 23 at the latest.
  6. To be eligible for financial compensation, the original receipts of your purchases must be attached.
  7. The board of WijWonen is allowed to alter these conditions as it sees fit.