What is a Resident Committee?

You can contact resident committees for small problems and shortcomings you encounter in your apartment building. Do not mistake them with caretakers; they aren’t there to fix the elevator when its broken again, but to make sure DUWO does something about them. Most resident committees have a noticeboard and/or a facebookpage on which they share information and discuss issues.
The following buildings already have an active resident committee:

  • Balthasar van der Polweg toren 3
  • E. du Perronlaan
  • Keverling Buismanweg
  • Michiel de Ruyterweg
  • Mijnbouwplein
  • Professor Evertslaan
  • Rotterdamseweg
  • Westplantsoen 2
  • X-Ray

Want to know more? Take a look at the BC booklet.

Are you interested in starting or joining a residents committee? Send an email to bewoners@wijwonendelft.nl and we’ll help get you started!