Complaint procedure

DUWO should always strive to come up with the best solutions. However, sometimes things can go wrong. The most effective and quick way to deal with this is to resolve it directly with the relevant employee. You can do this by calling, visiting (by appointment), emailing or writing a letter.


Official complaint

If this does not lead to the desired result, the next step you can take is to file an official complaint with a team leader. A complaint can be reported to DUWO by letter. Always explicitly state that it is a complaint.
If you are not satisfied with the proposed solution, you can file a complaint with WijWonen. We will then look into your complaint and the proposed solution. Another solution is to approach the Disputes Committee with the relevant complaint. This independent complaints committee mediates in disputes between individual tenants and DUWO.

Other possibilities:


Dispute Committee

If you are dissatisfied with the solutions offered by DUWO, you can also submit the dispute to the independent, local Dispute Committee for Housing in South Holland (Geschillencommissie Wonen Zuid-Holland). The members of the Dispute Committee are independent and do not work for the affiliated housing corporations or tenant councils, nor are they directors of the corporations.
Note: this does not concern regular repair requests. There is an important difference between a complaint and a dispute. Not every problem that arises qualifies for treatment by the Dispute Committee. For example, you can resolve noise complaints from your neighbors or surroundings in a different way, namely by mutual agreement or in consultation with DUWO. Problems with rent or rent payment are also not initially considered a dispute. You can address these with DUWO employees. Read below for more information on what is considered a dispute and how this committee works.

The Dispute Committee Working Regulations specify how disputes are handled. Rights can only be derived from these regulations. Download the regulations below.

Submitting a dispute

You can submit a dispute to the Dispute Committee for treatment via the dispute form. Click below for the form. This is completely free of charge. Submitting a dispute is reserved for tenants or sub-tenants of DUWO The Hague.
Click below for more information on how complaints about DUWO are handled by the Dispute Committee.

There is no appeal against the decision of the Dispute Committee. If your complaint is not handled by the Dispute Committee or by DUWO in any way, you can also file a complaint with the Governance Code for Housing Corporations Committee (Commissie Governancecode Woningcorporaties). They do not make substantive judgments on the complaint, but if your request is granted, they can obligate the Dispute Committee or DUWO to handle your complaint. Click below for more information.

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Rent Tribunal

For disputes between tenants and landlords regarding maintenance, rent and service charges of rental properties, you can go to the Rent Tribunal. The difference with the Disputes Committee is that they focus on how you have been treated, while the Rent Tribunal focuses on the law and deals with the complaint substantively. More information can be found below.

Submitting a request
You can initiate a procedure by submitting a request to the Rent Tribunal. As a tenant, you pay €25 in fees, which you pay at the start of the procedure. If you are found to be in the right, you will receive the paid amount back after the Rent Tribunal’s decision. You will not receive the fees back if you are found to be in the wrong, but note that it is often worth it to pursue the matter.

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When all previous options have been exhausted, you can still start a legal proceeding in court as a last resort.