Residents’ committees

What is a residents’ committee (RC)?

With over forty DUWO complexes and 8500 tenants in Delft, we as a tenants’ organization unfortunately cannot always be fully aware of all aspects that play a role at the complex level. Therefore, there is a great need for resident committees that represent all tenants of a single complex at DUWO. With this small group of residents, you form a clear and official point of contact within the complex for DUWO. The RC’s can raise improvements for the complex and – in consultation – finance them from the livability budget that DUWO makes available annually. In addition, the RC’s also annually check the settlement of the service costs (see below for more!). Moreover, tenant committees can organize drinks or other activities for their own complex. This makes living in a DUWO room even more enjoyable!

What can WijWonen door for residents’ committees?

WijWonen supports the resident committees in Delft with advice and helps maintain the committee where necessary. When problems arise at multiple complexes, WijWonen and the resident committees often work together. This makes it easier to solve things on a larger scale. Financial support is also available from WijWonen for organizing aforementioned drinks and other activities for the entire complex! In addition, there is also room for outings as a tenant committee, and meetings are often enjoyable!

RC Booklet

A RC Booklet has been created to describe the activities and responsibilities of a tenant committee and its members. If you’re interested in becoming a member of a tenant committee, don’t hesitate to read the booklet below! If you have any questions based on this, please email us at, or even better; sign up directly!

RC Booklet (Dutch)

Service charge

All tenants pay a monthly advance for expenses including energy, water, cleaning costs, and maintenance for the entire complex. The budget and settlement of these expenses are submitted annually to the RC for approval. The tenant committees then review these service costs, which can result in a nice financial benefit for all residents!